Wahl Hair Trimmers

Wahl is a renowned name in the market of hair grooming products for men and women. The Wahl Trimmer Company are famous in producing highly innovative grooming products such as clippers, trimmers and other salon products for professional salon and home use. (the featured image is Wahl groomsman trimmer, see it here)

A Wahl Trimmer is the perfect choice for today’s modern man, who is looking for high end products with excellent performance.

Wahl Peanut and Wahl Groomsman

Wahl trimmers consist of a wide range of hair trimmers, which include men’s beard and moustache trimmers, ladies trimmers, as well as pet and horse trimmers.

A Wahl Trimmer for men is the best solution to your cavemen look, as it keeps your moustache, beard and other facial hair neat and tidy and gives you a professional grooming touch.

Wahl Trimmers for men offer various excellent models such as Wahl peanut and Wahl Groomsmen, which can fulfil the complete requirements of trimming, shaving, outlining, detailing or any other grooming routine.

Specific features of Wahl trimmers:

It comes with fire hardened, high carbon steel blades for long lasting sharpness.

The professional quality Precision Ground maximises the cutting efficiency and gives you a smoother look.

It comes with a six position beard regulator, which is suitable for shaving long beard hair as well as short length hair for daily trimming. The beard regulator can be attached to the trimmer’s head to provide safe and consistent trimming of moustache and beard.

It is provided with a contoured, ergonomic handle having soft gripping pads. This gives comfort and easy grasp during shaving.

It operates either using electric charger or nickel-cadmium battery, which is quite long lasting (lasts 3-5 years).

Wahl Trimmer for men comes with the following accessories- jaw line blender, beard regulator, moustache comb, cleaning oil, two close trim attachments, travel pouch and a cleaning brush.

The accessories are sleek and small, which makes them convenient to carry while travelling.

The Wahl Trimmer is backed up by a three year warranty.

Benefits of Wahl Trimmer:

  • The sharp high-carbon blades provide you with a close cut, giving a gentle, smooth skin, the effects of which are quite long lasting.
  • The Wahl Trimmer is suitable even for the most coarse hair textures.
  • The battery does not need to be replaced as it is very long lasting.


The Wahl Trimmer is one of the best personal grooming tools for men, which easily offers great performance, durability and reliability.