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Are the Utopia Care 6.5” Professional the Best Hair Scissors?

Professional salon quality scissors need to be rated on two counts. Firstly on the quality and sharpness of the steel and the ease with which it cuts through hair. And secondly on the way it fits one’s hands. A professional can only work with scissors that are designed for heavy duty use. If they are uncomfortable and difficult to use, they quite defeat the purpose.

A mere glance through the various user reviews (by professional hairdressers and amateurs alike) convinces us that the Utopia Care 6.5” Professional are the best hair scissors available today.

What makes these the best hair scissors?

There are many reasons why the Utopia Care 6.5” is a favourite among so many users (we have gone through the reviews of over 744 of them). Let’s have a look at some of them:

Japanese Steel: From Katanas to scissors, Japanese know how to make steel best. The Utopia Care 6.5” Professional is made with the highest grade of stainless steel from Japan. Which means that it is sharp. And stays sharp. For as many haircuts as you could imagine.

Razor edge convex hollow ground blades: In addition to the quality of the steel, this feature ensures that the blades remain sharp for longer. What else could one ask for?

Spring Leaf Tension Adjustment System: As you work the scissor to cut hair, its unique design makes sure that your hands meet uniform resistance through the action. So no jerky motions, no sudden tugs and pulls.

Removable Rubber Inserts: Do you have small petite fingers? Well use the Utopia Care 6.5” with the rubber inserts on. The fingers holes will fit you perfectly. Are your fingers large? Just take the rubber inserts off and the scissors will seem to be made for you.

The Gold Plated Knurled Knob: Frankly the gold plating does not help the cutting too much. But it does look extremely elegant and stylish.

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How the users rate the Utopia 6.5” Professional?

The real proof of the quality of any product is in how the people who have actually used the product liked it. After 744 reviews the Utopia 6.5” Professional have got a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Out of this 546 users have rated these scissors 5 out of 5! Which means that for the overwhelming majority of users, these are the best hair scissors. Another 143 users have rated these scissors 4 out of 5. People who have rated them 3 or below are but a small minority.

Let’s have a look at some of the things that the users have loved about these scissors:

Adjustable Finger Holes: Thanks to the rubber inserts, the size of the finger holes can be customized according to the users’ fingers. Sometimes two people with quite different finger sizes can use them. However a few users have not really grasped how to use these rubber inserts.

The Smooth Cutting Action: Many users, especially professional hairdressers and barbers have commented on its smooth action which makes precision cutting easier.

Easy to Use: Professionals love this. And so do amateurs. People who have used this to cut their own hair or trim their beards have found these scissors extremely useful.

Steel Quality: Though there has been some debate among users as to whether this is made of authentic Japanese steel, most of them seem pretty happy with the quality of metal. The sharpness of the edge which makes cutting so easy is an added plus.

The Cons: Every product has some

The Thumbs don’t Fit: Even with the adjustable rubber inserts, the finger holes can be a little tight fit for the thumbs.

The Adjustable Tension: Though you can adjust the cutting tension, the controls are a wee bit too delicate and come apart.

Customer Service: A few of the users have complained that when they received the scissors, it seemed that they have been used before. The company needs to clean up its act.

To Sum Up

It is unforgivable when someone orders a product, what they receive on the mail is substandard or used. Having said that, this harrowing experience has been confined to a very small minority. For most users these are the best hair scissors possible. Some have even gone so far as to say that these scissors are better than the custom made ones which cost ten times as much. So without a doubt one can say that for its price range the Utopia Care 6.5” Professional is the best hair scissor available today.

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Are the Utopia Care 6.5” Professional the Best Hair Scissors?
With a range of Utopia Scissors, these affordable shears are highly recommended by most reviewers.
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With a range of Utopia Scissors, these affordable shears are highly recommended by most reviewers.

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