The Cool Hairstyles for Men With Thick Hair

Thick hair has their advantages and disadvantages. Many people with thick hair find difficulties to style it. But this is not a big issue. There are stylists who can play with your hair and reveal the best styling that makes you look good. So which style will you choose today?

The Undercut

model with undercut

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The undercut is among the coolest hairstyles for men with thick hair loved by many people over the years. This is also a simple haircut because it involves simply shaving the sides and the back, making it cooler. It can be cut higher, for broad and short Mohawk styling cuts. While styling, the stylists lines up the edges at right angles along the client’s hairline.

Shaving from the sides

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Guys with thick hair can simply shave from the sides. It is among the formal and nice cuts. It involves cutting the hair shorter from sides then back. When shaving, the stylists ensure the length increase towards the head crown.

Razor cutting

This might look ordinary but remains a favorite among the teens that have thick, coarse hair. If your face structure is oval or round, this is the cut to have. In styling, the stylist’s razor cuts the hairs with more length giving the full look to the person. Styling is done using quaffing techniques. To make the looks better, use light hold hair creams to appear neat.

Cutting from the sides

This technique is ideal for anyone who has an oblong face shape. The stylist cuts very short hair starting from the sides, thus reducing the client short hair. The hair is then styled in spiky ways and makes the client have a fashioned appearance.

Ultra thick hair

If you have an ultra thick hair, the stylists start to texturize and layer the hair to reduce the extra weights. They then create the flattering shapes. After the styling, one can add texture by using products with texturizing components.


Pomades is the ideal style if you have coarse and thick hair. It comes with a shiny and strong hold finish. The hair is styled in such a manner that it remains easier to style high volumes pompadours and slick styles. You need to wear the cut long and on top of the undercut sides to get the best impact. Add hair products to get the ideal looks.


This is an ideal way of wearing the thick hair. It becomes unique when a person has the coarse locks which stick up. Currently, you can improve this haircut by styling it with a natural finish. A stronger matte product improves the looks.

Another way of shaving your thick hair is to have a longer haircut that appears great, slicked back and then spiked to a textured quaff. The stylist puts a skin fade around the temples and around the ears down. This provides a cool and clean cut showing the healthy dense hair.

A good hairstyle starts with having a great cut. The above styles for thick hair are a classic example of longer on top and short sides’ hairstyling which improve the styling of the hair. No matter the length of your hair, there is a style that fits it. So you need to know what you want and get a good barber.

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