Picking an Electric Hair Clipper

Like most men, I like to get my hair cut often to keep it looking crisp and clean, after all a good a haircut compliments your style. Unfortunately getting regular haircuts isn’t cheap. As a result, it is an option to get a set of good electric hair clippers that you can use to quickly give your hair a trim to retain its crisp look.

With the growth of technology and better manufacturing, good hair clippers for home use do come in a range of styles and prices, and many are simple enough to use at home. A good electric hair clipper is often good enough to cut hair at home, either yourself, or as in my case, by your friends or partner.

Start with a Hair Trimmer

For those who aren’t confident to cut a full set of hair at home, start with a good electric trimmer. Good hair trimmers are easy to use, and cut hair fairly well, however make sure you buy the right clipper, as some may be more geared towards professional use, such as these clippers for barbers.

Ideally find trimmers that can be used for simple haircuts, trim beards and get rid of harsh edges in your haircut.

Key Features of Electric Hair Clippers

For the best hair clipper for home (and for work!) you should ideally keep in mind the type of hair you have, how often you will use them and whether you need a corded clipper or a cordless one. Also consider the different attachments available and check if the right ones are available for your use. Also keep in mind the types of motors that power these clippers.

Ease of use

A good set of clippers to use at home ought to be fairly simple to use, and be ready to use with length attachments. Keep in mind the design as hand help clippers have different grips, and if you are cutting hair yourself, then you need one with a good grip.

The Right Clipper Accessories

As mentioned earlier, you should buy a clipper that comes with a range of attachments, especially if you are cutting at home – you never know what size attachments you need.

Some of the best hair electric clippers on the market come with as many as ten attachments which would include a range of attachments from a half size to an eight. Some come with tapered attachments that would help with that “professional look”. And if you are lucky, some even come with blending accessories.

Corded or Cordless Electric Hair Clipper

If you want to cut hair whenever there is an electric socket available, then go for a corded hair clipper, these tend to be the best of the bunch and come in a range of styles and prices. Most professionals would use a corded clipper for a full cut.

On the other hand, if you want one to cut when you travel or don’t have sockets in your bathroom or close to where you normally cut your hair, a cordless hair clipper would do the job, but just keep in mind that they can only run up to two hours per charge, while some smaller trimmers only last up to half an hour. When buying a cordless clipper, check the battery life, as you don’t want to be stuck mid cut with a run out clipper.

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