Nose Hair Trimmers

Nose Hair Trimmer Guide

If you or someone you care about struggle with Nose Hair, what trimmer would you buy and why?

Our  Nose Hair Trimmer Guide, we will help you compare the best trimmers out there and give you the information to make the right choice on your next nose hair trimmer buy.

My personal preference in choosing the best nose hair clipper is to pick one that gives me the least amount of discomfort. Let’s face it we need to get rid of nose hair which is uncomely but we don’t want to have to go through a painful experience every time we trim. It is a sad fact as men grow older they lose hair they want to keep and hair they would rather not have seems to grow enthusiastically.  Mainly this unwelcome hair comes from within the nostrils, out of the ear lobes and protruding from the eyebrows.

Choosing the Best Nose Hair Clipper?

A brief explanation of how a nose clipper works seem to be in order before we look at some of the various brands. A hair nose trimmer is simply a device with rotary blades which are encircled by chrome or stainless steel. The trimmer itself uses a small size battery which generates power to the rotary blades. There are usually comb like features which protect the skin from the blades..

There are a number of brands on the market that will be effective in trimming hair especially nose hair. As I stated in my first paragraph you want one that is the least painful. In order to have a pain free experience it is best to purchase clippers that have very sharp blades and preferably blades that are made of chrome or stainless steel. These types of blades can easily be wash after trimming and will not rust. It is also better to have trimmers that have removal heads for easier cleaning. These features will insure the blades keep nice and sharp to prevent pulling the hair which of course would cause pain.

My recommended website online is Amazon which has a complete line of nose hair clippers from great brands such as Panasonic, Wahl, Remington, Braum and many others. Using some of my suggestions as guides make a wise choice between quality and your budget. Most items sold on Amazon are eligible for free shipping if over $25 which in turn may enable you to pick a trimmer of more quality and therefore less of a chance of an uncomfortable trimming experience.

In the comparison guide below, we have gathered what we see as the top nose hair trimmers available today.

When it comes to facial hair trimmers, many men already have a particular brand they like and the below list is not an exclusive one, mainly the one’s we consider to be the best one’s currently on the market.

Best Nose Hair Trimmers

The Common Nose Hair Problem

“I never noticed these hairs before” Most men and some women start noticing Nose and Ear hairs grow faster and longer as they get older – For most it starts in their late 20’s or early 30’s.
These hairs, often loose strands have always been there, however as you get older they start growing longer and more uncontrollable due to hormonal changes.

A number of different products have been created to help dealing with these hairs, such a tweezers, clippers and shavers. On this site we highly recommend the shavers as the simplest and least painful solution, however we will also cover some of the alternatives.

Nose Hair Trimmers for Men

For many men shaving their beard is very natural and happens daily, however many men forget all about their nose and ear hairs which is just as important if you wish to make a good impression.
So the questions is what to look for when you are shopping for a Nose Hair Trimmer?
First and foremost, a good trimmer lasts for many years, maybe even a lifetime, so it makes perfect sense to spend a bit extra to get the one you want, then getting a cheap model that needs replaced within a much shorter space of time.

Nose Hair Trimmers for Women

Nose and Ear Hair Trimmers for Women are often very overlooked, though quite a few women struggle with this just as well as men do, though these hair tent to show at a later age for Women. Most Nose Hair Trimmers are made and designed for men, however we have found a great Nose Hair Trimmer for Women, as you can see below.

The Fainn Washable Nose Hair Cutter

The Fainn Washable Nose Hair Cutter is a great Japanese product made in pink and silver.
It cuts the hairs easily and smooth without damaging the skin at all.
It is also washable which enables you to keep it clean and hygienic.
It’s likewise very company and easy to carry with you when going on holidays or the likes.