How to Cut Boys Hair With Clippers

Cutting your boy’s hair is an important and art that is easy to learn. This is because cutting your boy’s hair has some advantages. Some of which are: savings as it is cheaper in the long run to cut the hair yourself rather than going to the barber shop. It is a good opportunity to observe the health of your boy’s scalp as you cut the hair, thus important to have your own clippers.

Steps of cutting the hair:

For shorter cuts:

Have your hair clippers at hand and some clipper guards, some scissors and a comb. One of the good brands of clippers you can purchase is the Wahl clipper set. Make sure you oil the clipper blades. Wash the boy’s clean and dry it with a towel to rinse off excess water. Washing the hair makes it easier to cut.

Drape a towel over his shoulders to prevent hair from dropping onto his clothes. Now takes the hair clipper and put the guard number 3 on top of the clippers. Then hold it perpendicular to the head and start cutting from the base of the neck upwards in a smooth motion all round the head. If you prefer the top of the head to have longer hair left than other parts of the head, then replace the clipper guard with the guard number 4. For the hard to, reach areas like near the ears, use the scissors to cut any hair.

The Edging

The edge is the point of the head where the hair stops growing. To make a clean edge, then remove the clipper guard. Clean up areas around the head near the edge line, especially the ears and back of the neck carefully, taking care not to nick his ears.

For Long Hair Cuts

  • Start at the back of the head near the crown. Take approximately a 1/2- 3/4 inch short horizontal section of damp hair using a fine toothed comb and then place the hair between your two forefingers. Ensure the hair is straight and hold it taut using your fingers, as close to the scalp as you can.
  • Choose the desired length of scalp hair and hold it firmly with your fingers.
  • While holding hair tautly, cut it just above and the length of your fingers.
  • Finish cutting the rest of the hair the scalp this way back to the front.
  • In case, the hair dries, dampen in with a mist sprayer.
  • To ensure an even hair trim, use that same cutting method, using a tiny toothed comb to measure about 1/2-3/4 inch short lengthwise section of damp hair. For example, from the front towards the back and hold it firmly between your two forefingers.
  • Ensure hair is straight by holding it tautly with your fingers close to the scalp.
  • Then cut it along the line of the hair to keep it straight.
  • Lastly confirm that the hair, is of even length snipping away where needed
  • Give your boy a mirror admire his new haircut.

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