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Why You Need Do-It-Yourself Hair Clippers

You need do-it-yourself hair clippers for two things: to save you money and cut your own hair. Hair cutting is essential to looking well-groomed and if you frequent barbershops, you’ll accumulate a high bill as stylists don’t come cheap.

But you can decide to personally cut your hair by investing in a high quality buzzer. You may think that a consumer grade hair clipper is expensive, but think of the money you can save by doing it yourself. You can also save a lot of time by cutting your hair in the comfort of your home. Besides the hair clipper that you need, you also need to invest in learning the correct way to cut hair. Skills are nothing without proper equipment, and this is where a powerful and decent shaver comes in.

Best Do-It-Yourself Hair Clippers

Here is a listing of some clippers you might want to get. They get the job done and come highly recommended. While researching, I realized there was a big difference between clippers used by hairdressers on clients’ hair and buzzers that are best to cut your own hair.

Wahl products are preferable if you have a person who can handle the clipper. On the other hand, Philips is a lot easier to use when cutting your own hair due to the way it’s made, with a rotating head, light and so many others.

Wahl 79524 24-Piece Deluxe Hair Clipper Kit

Wahl 79524 24-Piece Deluxe Hair Clipper KitThis Wahl product is one of the best that you can find out there. It is favored by more than 298 consumers and has a 4.5 star rating on Amazon. For only $45, you can acquire a hair clipper that would give you all you need.
It has a high speed Powerdrive motor that easily delivers smooth and precise cuts. It also has permanently aligned high-carbon steel blades that never need adjusting. 10 guide combs, three combs, a shear, two hair clips, and a neck duster are included. A storage box is provided for safekeeping. Besides that, an instructional DVD and a 5-year warranty is given to assure you that the product is top class.

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Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit

Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting KitIf you can’t afford the Wahl 24-piece Deluxe, the Color Pro is a bang-for-the-buck for you. You can get it for $30. You are also assured that this product won’t fail you because it has a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon with over 1,339 reviews.

The Color Pro has color-coded guide combs that make it easier for you to remember what guide combs you need for a specific person. It also has color coded keys that can help you when corresponding to the right setting to be used. The blades are self-sharpening and it is made of high-carbon steel blades. This device is the one of the best in terms of head and body grooming.

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Philips Norelco QC5570/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Plus

Philips Norelco Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper PlusThis model from Philips is more expensive than the Color Pro. You can get it for $40, but the higher price point is compensated by several exciting features. The Norelco has an exclusive and newly designed 180-degrees rotating head.

This feature makes it easier to reach spots that are difficult to reach by a normal hair shearer. It also has 13 built-in length settings that ranges from 15/32 to 19/32. The battery life is also good and it can last up to 60 minutes. It has a cordless option, making it more portable and convenient to use.

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Philips Consumer Lifestyle G370/60 Multi-Groom Grooming Kit

Philips Consumer Lifestyle G370-60 Multi-Groom Grooming KitRight on the heels of the Norelco is the Philips multi-groom kit (which makes it super easy to cut your own hair). This multi-groom kit has a 4-star rating on Amazon and it is loved by more than 1,045 consumers. It is the most expensive of the listed products, but it is definitely worth it.

The G370 contains the new Philips SteelWave technology wherein the blades are wave shaped that cuts hair in a precise and even motion. There is also a hair, mustache and beard comb with 9 different locking lengths. This gives an easier cutting experience and a versatile trimming experience. This product also includes a storage pouch for recharging and for storage purposes. A cleaning brush and hair comb is also included to complete your grooming kit.

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Wahl 79524-3001 Home Barber 30 Piece Kit

Wahl 79524-3001 Home Barber 30 Piece KitAnother product from Wahl entered my list because it is a product that made more than 206 customers happy and because of it, this product have a 4-star rating on Amazon. It is a little bit cheaper than the Philips Multi-Groom kit and you can avail this Home Barber kit for $45.

This home barber kit contains 30-pieces of hair cutting materials. It is your all-in-one kit and it gives you the convenience of buying one product that contains everything you need. This product contains a multi-cut clipper, a cordless touch-up trimmer and a cordless personal trimmer with 2 heads. Wahl included high-carbon steel blades that are built to last several years. You can never go wrong with Wahl because it is already an established brand in the hair clippers industry. Besides that, Wahl included a 5-year warranty to ensure you that you are in good hands with Wahl.

Things To Consider Before Buying Your Personal Shearer

Searching for your own hair clipper can make you scratch your head because there are several hair clippers out there that might confuse you. Your very own hair clipper would be an investment and you need to know what you want before going out there. Here’s a list of things that you need to consider when looking for your own hair clipper.

1. Try to look for cordless hair clippers. Why? Because it is very portable and very convenient to use. Some of the cordless hair clippers have built-in batteries and it is rechargeable. It may be heavier, but it is more portable. It is also easier to use when there is no A/C outlet available. There are hair clippers out there where in you can use it cordless and you can also plug it into an A/C outlet.

2. Always check the blade. Clipper blades vary from one size to another. The materials used are different too. Some are stainless steel, while others have ceramic and titanium finish. I suggest that you look for ceramic or titanium blades because it would not wear out easily. It is also more durable compared to stainless steel blades.

3. Blade levers and guide combs should also be listed in your checklist. Several guide combs are needed for trimming and for more precise cuts. It is also needed for maximum versatility and it allows you to cut and trim hair into different lengths. Try to sort look for hair clippers with at least three selections with a range of 1.0 – 2.0mm.

4. Look for hair clippers with a speedy performance. The clipper’s motor should be your top priority because it is the one that gives a powerful and superb performance to it. A small motor may not be powerful enough to cut thick hairs. As much as possible, look for a motor that is powerful and speedy enough to cut through anything. Take note, a cheaper hair clipper may have a weaker motor than a more expensive one.

5. Designate a certain budget for your hair clipper. For example, $30 is all you have to spend on your hair clipper. Don’t be fooled by the sales person trying to lure you into buying the more expensive one. I suggest that you do your own research and look for the best bang-for-the-buck hair clipper.

Save Money, Use DIY Hair Clippers

It bears repeating that using do-it-yourself hair clippers saves you money and time. Click here to get a quality trimmer without breaking the bank.

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