Reviewing the Best Hair Clippers for Men

Hair clippers have long been the means for men, women, and children to keep their hair trimmed, cut, and in tip top shape. Clippers can come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors which can make it very hard to determine what are the best hair clippers for you. You want to find clippers with dull yet effective blades. With the stroke across your head, the blade should easily cut through your hair no matter what the length or texture. You also want clippers that will allow you to use different settings for a close cut, fade, or whatever style you choose.

What Exactly Is a Good Mans Hair Clipper?

According to experts in the industry the best hair clippers are going to provide you with an experience you’ve never had before. A good clipper will always provide consistent clipping and reliable functionality. By investing good money into your clippers, it is expected that they can last you for years to come. Your chosen hair clippers should provide an even fresh cut every time to your liking. Just like most electronic devices, clippers are only as good as the components that make it up. Basic things such as guards and blades are key factors as well as the reputation of the brand. Some consumers who’ve purchased high quality clippers find that they last a long time with only the need to replace parts on occasion. When looking for a good set of clippers for your home or business quality is certainly key.

How to Choose the Best Hair Clippers

Whether you’re shopping for clippers for personal use or you are a barber and looking for professional clippers there are certain key features for choosing hair clippers including price, brand, comb attachments, and blade types. Below you will find a bit more information on each feature and what to look for.


One of the most important features to finding a good hair clipper is the blade. You want a great quality, sharp blade that will provide you with a fresh and even cut every time. Insufficient blades can leave strands of hair out causing snags and breakage. One of the most well known brands of clippers is Wahl has replacement blades. Blades getting a bit dull? Wahl also provides sharpening services which can get your blades back in working condition again. Quality hair clippers require quality repairs from time to time in order to get the same look each cut. If you really want to splurge on your investment, you should also consider the blade types. There are some blades that are made with the best of quality that will not have to be sharpened for years. You can also find anti-rust blades which are great to keep the product from being damaged by water.


Guards are great to have with your clippers. They allow you to create the hairstyle that you want no matter what the length. Guards help you tapper your cuts, trim a little off the top, and so much more. This is why it is a great idea to look for clippers that come with guards. Also known as comb attachments there are different guards to meet different needs. Whether you are looking for a very low buzz cut or just trimming your longer strands there are guards that can assist you. Depending upon what you will be using the clippers for, it may be ideal for you to purchase one that has more than one guard for different styling options. Some of the best hair clippers have guards that are identified by color codes. Each color represents a different length of guard which makes it easier for you to remember. When creating multi-length haircuts that vary from short to long guards can come in handy. Wahl believes that having color coded guards with color keys on the clippers makes it much easier to identify. This makes it easier for both professional and novice barbers to get the right cut every single time without error.


There are several different brands of clippers you can invest in. Some companies have branded themselves and have a great reputation while others do not. When you’re going to select a brand of clippers it is ideal to get the opinion of others. There are review sites that you can check out to see what others have had to say about the product. A well known brand of clippers will have been around for several years. Take for instance the well known brand Wahl. They started creating electric hair clippers as far back as 1911. Other well known brands might include Hot Tools, Philips Norelco, Conair, and Oster to name a few. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional the best name brands is your best choice for quality styling. Getting anything less than that could leave room for error.


Of course you have to purchase the best hair clippers within your price range, so it’s important to consider a budget before you go shopping. You can find a great brand of clippers starting at about $20 and going up to as much as $100. It is important that you don’t base your decision solely on price as stated before quality and other components matter when selecting clippers. Selecting a cheap $20 pair of clippers that will break in a few months time is not as wise as paying a bit more and having it for several years. You can easily compare prices online to see what suits your needs and budget.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

When you purchase the best hair clippers for your home or business you must keep in mind that there is a little maintenance that will be required to keep them in working order. If you want an outstanding haircut each time you will need to do minor things to ensure the longevity of the clippers. Clipper manufacturers recommend that if you want to get the longest life and best performance from your clippers or trimmers, you should be sure to oil the unit prior to using it each time. Also, be sure to check out the enclosed instruction manual for maintenance suggestions as well as consult with customer service if necessary for proper maintenance instructions. The better you take care of your clippers the longer you have them.