Best Hair Clippers for Barbers By Review in 2016

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Whether you are a seasoned professional barber or a budding amateur working at home, its is important to know what electric clippers to use for the right hair type. The key is to know what you want to use the clippers for; from regular heavy duty commercial use in a busy barbershop or at home occasionally to clip your own hair.

A professional barber regards hair clippers as a chef regards his knife set.

Without tools, the right tools no job can be completed with perfection. A barber wants the best clipper on the market, and there are specific features that a great clipper should have. If a barber could use a clipper all day for years and still call it the best tool on the market, then who are we to argue. The following are some of the best barber clippers, which will bring you years of continuous use.

The Best Reviewed Clippers for Barbers

To make life easier, we have reviewed a large number of electric hair clippers used by professionals. Below are the best clippers by reviews. The list is a top five of electric clippers, chosen by positive reviews by professionals in 2016. There are plenty of clippers available in the market, many listed for sale for barbers. However you need to figure out which ones are right for your business and which aren’t. Many clippers do OK for home use, but only a few select are ideal clippers for barbers and hairdressers.

Custom Clipper Works is happy to present to you the best reviewed hair clippers for professional barbers available to buy. The list below is created by going through hundreds of hair clipper reviews that are availabl e on sale on a range of online shops with verified customer reviews. However these clippers aren’t just reserved for the professional, if you are interested in cutting hair at home, these are some of the best clippers that you could consider buying.

The first thing to remember before you dig into the bestselling list, is that most custom clippers are made by big reliable brands – cheap brands can occasionally have a great hair clipper, but for the clipper connoisseur brands such as Oster, Wahl, and Andis.

Although these clippers are used by professional hair dressers, many of these clippers are ideal for home use, so if you do decide to go for one of these bad boys, then you would be buying a hair clipper of quality that will not only save you money if you cut hair at home, but also allow you to get the right home cut.

If this is the first time you are investing in tools for the trade, you ought to really rely on comments and reviews from other barbers. Luckily for you, we have created a selection of comments on each electric hair clipper available for sale.

Wahl Pro Lithium Cord/Cordless Hair Clipper 8546

Wahl Pro Lithium Cord Cordless Hair Clipper 8546

If you want a hair clipper that was the first in the market to become innovative, then you should consider the Wahl Pro 8546. It holds the distinction of being the first in the market that innovated cordless battery life by using a lithium ion rechargeable battery which is now an industry standard. The clippers are also supposed to be one of the fastest charging, gaining a full charge in 3/4 of an hour.

Why a Barber should own these:

  • Cordless, perfect for the salon
  • Long charge
  • Works on all kinds of hair
  • Long lasting and takes abuse
  • Rated highly by salon owners

It comes in a rotary motor which means its in the high range of power for cordless clippers. It isnt the cheapest but it is a clipper made for the serious barber and hairdresser, and worth the price based on reviews.

  • Works well on thick hair
  • Extremely Powerful Clipper
  • Runs Fairly Quiet
  • The Head Doesn’t rust being Stainless steel
  • Easy to clean
  • No need to worry that its cordless, the batter is powerful and charges quick.
  • A smaller EM field than an AC batter.

  • Cant be used for dry close shaves
  • Not ideal for home use by amateurs
  • Be careful of knock offs
  • A bit heavy
  • Expensive, but worth the price

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Andis 63100 Variable Speed Hair Clipper Kit

Andis 63100 Variable Speed Hair Clipper Kit

Andis SilhouetteAndis is THE name in clippers for barbers, and the 63100 variable speed clipper by Andis is a worthy contender in an already competitive range. Add a little battery battery pack and you turn this clipper from corded to cordless, ideal for any busy barber shop.

However if you don’t want to spend the extra, the corded version is still pretty awesome, especially since the tangle free bar helps in a busy environment.

If you havent noticed, the design is quite sturdy, as Andis are renowned for making strong clippers and are the chice for heavy customization.

This is a benefit, as high usage plays a vital role an upmarket salon, and if you want to make sure your barbers clipper last, you ought to consider these.

  • Smooth and Quite
  • Runs Corded and Cordless
  • Convenient Design
  • Tangle Free Bar

  • Cordless pack sold separately
  • Is Pricey
  • Weaker battery power
  • Can overheat slightly if used on max speed too long

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Highly Reccommended Clippers for Barbers

OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper 76076010

The Classic 76 Universal from Oster is the Rolls Royce of hair clippers. The single speed motor is designed for continuous use in a break-resistant, ultra-durable, and attractive housing. Rather large, the body has an ergonomic design with a textured grip. If you own one of these, you simply have the best in the game and would probably never have to replace it in your lifetime.

The Pros: When referred to as the best on the market, it is no exaggeration. It cuts through thick, dry, or wet hair. It is durable and robust. Quick and easy blade changing. Blade sizes 000 and size 1, blade guard, clipper grease, cleaning brush, lubricating oil included. Long nine-foot corded clipper.

The Cons: It is quite heavy for some users at a weight of two pounds and rather large, but solidly built. It is quite noisy.

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Andis Professional Ceramic Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade, Black (64850)

The Andis Professional is worthy of its name as one of the best and could easily be The Best in the professional barber’s world. You might think that the cordless clipper would not be able to do a full day’s work, with the fact that it needs recharging. However, batteries can be charged separately and simply fitted after an hour charge to complete a full hour of heavy-duty work.

The Pros: the pro list is impressive as probably the current best barber clippers with a rotary motor. It is cordless which is a major plus point. It charges in less than an hour and run continuously for an hour. The blade is ceramic edge and much cooler than traditional blades. A heavy-duty storage case, which most clippers lack. It is cordless with additional batteries available for convenience. Has a number 000 blade, battery pack and sells with the charging unit, 7 attachment combs and 4 ounces clipper oil.

The Cons: the price tag is the only negative point worth mentioning.

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OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper CL-76023510

It is another clipper from Oster with the trademark, powerful Pivot motor and relatively quiet motor. It is lightweight and corded with adjustable blades with settings of near bald to 3/32-inches and 1/8 to 1/2 – inches. The four comb guards handle short and medium lengths effortlessly regardless of hair thickness.

The Pros: Oster is a brand known for unparalleled durability. It is an easily maneuvered clipper with the only maintenance required, the periodical oiling of blades. Very quiet and precise cutting. It remains cool even with prolonged use. It has size 000 to size 1 blades, 4 guide combs, cleaning brush, blade oil and 4 guide combs.

The Cons: The Fast Feed Blade adjusting lever is made from low quality plastic, prone to breaking. It does not have a carry case.

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Barbers Clippers : What Should You Look For

Its been nearly a hundred years that electric clippers have been available to the hair cutting trade, and to date, it is still one of the best tools of the trade, and a blessing in disguise. I have gone through hundreds of reviews on various sites and picked out what I think are some of the best electric hair clippers that a budding barber (or an established one) should consider having in their tool kit. If you are interested in getting the best clippers for barbers then keep reading on and make your professional selection!

The key to is to remember that if you are buying a set of clippers then make sure you look at their life and strength, after all if you are going to cut hair almost everyday, then you should try and get a set that will last you a while. Don’t go for the cheap ones, aim to get a god middle of the line range of clippers if you can’t afford the top of the range.

A professional barber should ideally aim for a stylish clipper custom to the job that can survive the heavy use for as long as possible. After all, good clippers aren’t cheap. There are a few things to look for when considering a set of custom barber hair clippers:



A good set of clippers has to be fairly sturdy if you are going to use them commercially. Especially important if you move around with your cutting kit (either from salon to salon or if you are a mobile barber). Not all hair clippers are made sturdy, a lot of the cheaper stock is OK for occasional home use, but wouldn’t cut it for regular use.



The right custom barber clippers are supposed to be dependable and work the right way each time. For example if your blades get dull too quickly, or if you get nicks in the blade then those clippers would cost you more in the long run – replacing blades isn’t cheap.


Long Lasting

You have to make sure that your clippers are made of the right materials and not cheap components. For example check the reviews on electric cords if you buy a corded clipper, or the battery if you buy a rechargeable set – these components could be easily be made of cheap elements which would last shorter lifetimes.


The Availability of Accessories

As a professional, the larger the range of attachments available, the better your range of cuts. As such, make sure you try and pick a set of clippers that comes with a number of add ons. Even if you have to pay extra for these in the future, its worth at least allowing the flexibility for the future.

Quick Summary: Tips on Buying Barber Clippers
There is a big difference between a good hair clipper and a great hair clipper.

The best barber clippers have the ability to withstand hours of continuous use.

It will not overheat regardless of hair type, lengths, or thickness. It will glide as easily through thick, course and curly hair, than it would with thin and sparse hair. One word a barber does not need in his vocabulary is the word, overheating. Therefor it has the following features:

1. Heavy Duty – no barber wants to cut hair with a clipper that breaks down in the middle of a haircut. It must be able to cut continuously irrespective of types and lengths of hair

2. Durability – Barbers’ clippers must handle daily strenuous demands of a busy shop, therefore is toughness and durability a priority

3. Lightweight – everybody does not have large strong hands and holding a clipper for hours, requires it to be comfortable and lightweight

4. Numerous attachments and adjustable

Types of Barbers Hair Clippers

There are a fair few types of electric clippers on the market as you have seen from the best clippers reviewed above. However it is important to understand the main differences in clippers and the features that make them special. One of the most important features is the type of motor that operates the clipper.

Rotary Motor Operated Clippers

As a professionals favorite, rotary motors tend to have the best features. They work hard and fast, and have the strength to carry on. Ideal for all sorts of hair types and ideal for salon and barber work.

Pivot Motor Operated Clippers

As a general rule, pivot clippers have a much slower rotation than the rotary motor, and as a result tends to cut slower However, due to  the stable speed are quite powerful and work well with thick hair if needed. The added advantage is that a pivot operated hair clipper can take a lot more use as they don’t heat up as quickly as a rotary clipper.

Magnetic Motor Operated Clippers

These are low cost clippers not really great for professional heavy use, though would work well as an additional set for less strenuous work than a full cut. You should only get these if they are for either occasional home use or an supplementary clipper used to trim and refine cuts and edges.

Make the right Clipper Choice

It isn’t easy to come across advice that makes sense, so Custom Clipper Works hopes the list and information above went some way towards deciding the right hair clippers for your barbershop or salon.

We know that some of the best clippers we have listed aren’t cheap, but a good hair cut deserves a good hair clipper, and if you want to make money cutting hair, you better give good cuts J

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