Andis Speedmaster II Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper (24145) Review

If you are considering to buy an Andis hair clipper, don’t look further more than Andis 24145. This is a fairly decent hair clipper designed specifically for home use. However, because of its neat features like the pivot motor and ceramic blade, it has a big advantage over clippers with the same price range.

Main Benefits:

It comes with ceramic blades, which is as good as or perhaps even better than steel blades without getting hot. There are nine attachments available allowing you to cut virtually all lengths of hair.

It looks better and may be more beautiful than all barber clippers I have used so far. It has a black rubber grip, which should be set as standard for all clippers. As compared to the previous models, the Andis 24145 Speed Master 2 Clipper is a lot quieter.

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Detailed review:


I would consider Andis 24145 an above average clipper. Despite not reaching the standards of Andis professional clippers, this model performs well enough – offering an evenly decent cut. It also features the Speed Master – pivot motor, which is a great plus point. It separates this clipper from other cheaper model. This motor offers 4x power output, which is higher than the standard magnetic motor. As a whole, consumers would find this model satisfactory especially the quiet motor.

Ceramic Blade

The ceramic blade is actually the most astounding feature, which is becoming more famous because of their durability and capacity to stay cool despite continuous utilization. The cool quality of the blade is most appreciated by most and I hope most manufacturing companies would adopt this technology as well. It has an adjustable blade that cuts ranging from #000 to #1. Compared to other clippers, this model has better blades, which are held securely in their positions. This, along with the pivot motor, will deal with very thick hair without jamming and pulling. The downside I suppose is the nine comb attachments because if you’re really into these attachments I would recommend you get high quality combs.


The clipper has a very slick design with its black and chrome finish allowing it to have professional appeal. It has a decent build but you should not expect the clippers to last for 10 years or more just like professional grade versions. To estimate, you might have three or four years enjoying this model. Furthermore, it has heavy-duty 8ft cable.

The Andis 24145 Speed Master 2 Clipper – worth Buying?

The Andis 24145 offers great value for the money you spent. If you’re not looking for professional clippers in the market but would want consistently clean cuts then this model should be on top of your buying list.

Two of the great features I find neat of this model include the – pivot motor and ceramic blades. This is the reason why I would give it my favorable recommendation.

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Andis Speedmaster II Adjustable Blade Hair Clipper (24145) Review
A great value professional clipper with plenty of user reviews to prove its value.
9.1 Total Score
Andis 24145 Speed Master 2 Clipper

A great value professional clipper with plenty of user reviews to prove its value.

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